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Release of Liability

You agree to read and comprehend all manual instructions and warnings before assembling and using this product.  You agree that an instruction manual has been provided and by using this product, you agree to this Release of Liability.

You agree that you and subsequent users wear appropriate and protective apparel, do not use this product when impaired physically or mentally, and to use this product only as intended.  Cottage Sports does not take responsibility for the product for any purpose other than those stated in the manual.

By using this product you understand the risks and possibly dangerous activity that could cause injury, disability or death.  You agree that you (or other users) are voluntarily using this product and you assume all responsibility for risks, injury or death.

By assembling and maintaining the product you release all manufacturers, dealers, managers and employees from any liability related to its use, manufacturing, assembly or repair.  You waive any claims you may have against loss, injury or expense to the fullest extent of the law.  You also waive any claims for any and all subsequent users.
If any term of this Release is deemed invalid by a court of jurisdiction, it will not effect the validity and enforcement of the remainder of this Release for you and subsequent users.
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